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NIDO has been a beloved milk brand for 70 years, providing quality nutrition to families. For its 70th anniversary, NIDO wanted to begin to engage moms at scale and ultimately give back to the region that it calls its home.



As a brand, NIDO stands for love and the best nutrition milk can offer. For 70 years, an emotional connection has been built between moms, children and NIDO.  However, those feelings haven’t translated into the engagement that is necessary to truly build a bond with today’s consumers.  NIDO was in jeopardy of losing connection with moms.

Receiving engagement from moms was no small task.  Women in the Middle East are notorious for low response rates to brand campaigns due to social norms and general lack of trust.  NIDO needed to tap into a deep emotional area that other brands hadn’t reached.

By speaking with moms across multiple countries, we uncovered a new insight into her maternal feelings.  Nature has given every mother the instinct to love, nurture and protect not just her own child but the plurality of children. This maternal calling is what makes her motherhood universal.

There’s a generation of children in the Middle East who are struggling with poor nutrition. The situation is so widespread that it’s virtually impossible for just an individual mother to make a difference.



We wanted to evoke this maternal spirit in Middle Eastern moms and ask them to help children in need through one simple act – take a PLEDGE to raise a healthier generation.

We identified moms that would be most likely to embark on this pledge with us – the Nurturing Mothers. Through research we understood her primary motivations for her children are to be healthy and happy.

Reaching enough people to make a difference required clear focus.  The pledge had to be accessible and easy for people to participate.

  • On Mother’s Day, families came out en masse to NIDO’s 3 simultaneous events in Dubai, Lebanon and Jordan, where thousands pledged on interactive pledge machines. The events were covered live across NIDO’s Instagram and Twitter pages.
  • A heartfelt video announced the pledge on TV and Online to the wider Middle East audience.
  • Reaching 1 million pledges required a completely new way of thinking about digital media. Typical high-reach tactics, banners and video, produced a minimal volume of pledges and a conversion rate of 0.03%. Instead, we entered an entirely new area for a Nestlé marketing campaign – eCommerce!
    We positioned the pledge as a daily deal instead of an advertising campaign.  The offer was simple: “purchase” a pledge for 0.00 Dirham and NIDO will give 7 glasses of milk to children who need it.  It was the first time that an FMCG brand had ever user this approach.
  • The curiosity of a pledge that costs nothing became an online sensation in popular e-commerce sites such as Cobone and Souq.com where people could engage by “purchasing” a pledge for 0 AED.  Within a month, 180,000 pledges were made on Cobone. Soon, the campaign was running across most major e-commerce sites in the region.
  • On Twitter, we sent personalized thank-you images for EVERY pledge, which were shared by audiences on all major networking sites.
  • With the help of sister Nestlé brands, the campaign was visible through famous household brands such as MAGGI, Pure Life Water and NIDO GUM.
  • Activation across all social platforms, leveraging first and third party data to identify high propensity audiences
  • The campaign generated such an immense buzz that major regional blogs soon picked it up, helping spread NIDO’s positive message. 
  • It garnered attention on popular TV shows including Super Mom, Hki Jelis, Bahedna Maa Rabeha, Aa Stouh Beirut and Alam al Sabah, with all of their stars taking the pledge.


This pledge became the visual rallying cry that united people around the region to join with NIDO and raise a healthier generation.

We set out with a goal of 1 million pledges and ended up acquiring 1.7 Million+ pledges!  To our knowledge, no campaign had ever reached this level of engagement in the region.

  • The Pledge dwarfs previous levels of engagements from NIDO campaigns (33K and 8K responses during the last two campaigns).
  • The campaign reached 16 million+ people on TV and another 7 million+ online, creating massive buzz. 
  • Facebook was flooded with 100,000 pledges per week on average.
  • On Twitter alone, the hashtag generated 3.1 million impressions primarily due to people taking the pledge. 
  • Instagram followers grew by over 200% during the campaign, without paid support available.
  • The curiosity of a social pledge that costs nothing became an online sensation in most popular e-commerce sites including Cobone, Souq, Trolley.ae and Mumzworld where people could engage by “purchasing” a pledge for 0 AED. 
  • NIDO was recognized with the Guinness World Record for the largest greeting card from the event in Dubai
  • The campaign impacted perception of the brand as moms said NIDO helps nurture her child’s future (+10pts), is an innovative brand (+18pts), is a brand her children feel close to (+12pts) and is specialized in children’s nutritional needs (+13pts), all of these increases at 90% confidence level.
  • The business effect has been massive with incremental sales of more than 35%.

Most importantly, through the efforts of these pledgers and NIDO, over 12 million glasses of milk were donated to children who need it, helping to raise a healthier generation.

Principles in Practice


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