Increasing App Usage and Revenue

Principles in Practice


Travel is a highly seasonal business, with overall demand lower in Q1. To drive growth, we had to maximize the share of travel demand for OurBus.  I analyzed the conversion rates of searches to bookings across multiple customer segments and platforms and uncovered that the conversion rate was 2x higher on the app than the website.

We needed to move aggressively to increase searches and bookings on the OurBus App to drive revenue.


To increase usage, make the app the primary call to action on existing and new touchpoints where relevant.

To be relevant, communicate the app’s positioning based on the need that the app will fulfill for customers at their individual stage of the purchase journey.

Existing customers who had only purchased on third party sites or on the OurBus website were prime candidates to convert to the app. By combining previous usage data and customer surveys, we learned that the most used feature was tracking the real-time ETA of a bus on the day of travel.


We tested multiple initiatives to boost both new and existing app customers.

Expanded reach and incentivized purchases for new customers

      • Performed app store optimization (ASO) and A/B tests within app stores
      • Launched dedicated app campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
      • Added link extensions to Paid Search ads.
      • Event signage
      • Change promo strategy to app-only

Trigged usage at the right times and shifted promo strategy for existing customers

      • Day-of-Departure automated email with the primary CTA to download the app, followed by other useful information for the trip. It quickly became the email with the highest open rate.
      • Added a call to action to the app in the bus driver announcement script.
      • Changed our promotion strategy to be app-only promos and launched limited-time offers through email.


Within 2 months, app users and purchases spiked.

      • Activation: 2.5x Monthly active users (MAUs)
      • Revenue: 10% incremental revenue, becoming 2nd highest sales channel, surpassing third-party OTAs (online travel agencies), enabling us to avoid costly commission charges.
      • Acquisition: Learned that driving new customers to the app was less efficient than driving them to the website for 1st purchase.

Principles in Practice


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Fatima Shaikh head of content radix
Fatima Shaikh
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