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Principles in Practice


In 2017, grocery delivery in the UAE was a nascent but growing category. Most people shopped at hypermarkets or traditional grocery stores to purchase produce that came from other countries.

Vegberry recognized the potential of growing vegetables and fruits in the UAE using advanced hydroponic methods. Growing locally allowed the company to improve freshness while decreasing cost.

Brand was critical to build trust and develop a new behavior with customers.


UAE residents were not satisfied with the vegetables and fruits being sold in stores. The produce aisle looked like the United Nations, with each product’s sign showing the country that it was from.

Vegberry tests every harvest in its own lab for vitamins, minerals and other important nutrition information. Every product has its own Product Passport which shows this information along with the farm and farmer where it came from.



Vegberry isn’t like other UAE produce, it’s “The Food You Know”.

With this positioning, Vegberry highlighted what makes it unique in a way that connects with customers on their main pain point when shopping the category.

“The Food You Know” was brought to life through:

  • Company Values, Mission, Positioning
  • Brand Design & Guidelines (logo, fonts, colors, etc.)
  • In-Store Materials
  • DTC Website
  • Delivery Materials
  • Social Media accounts and content
  • Ads on Social and Search
  • Retail and Wholesale presentations
  • Investor presentations
  • Everywhere someone comes in contact with Vegberry


Vegberry has become one of the leading DTC food brands in the UAE. It is the largest producer of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, two of the highest volume crops in the market.

The brand has been adapted internationally, including to Russia and Georgia, with other markets planned.

Principles in Practice


"Responsible for Vegberry strategy development, brand creation and management. He is very skilled in using and managing all marketing tools that helped improve the company's position.

A valuable asset to any team."
vegberry ceo recommends anthony giordano
Alexander Sabirov
Vegberry | CEO & Co-Founder


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